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Morris Daniel 21044 HWY. 303 Hindsville, AR 72738

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Bee,female pointer, good medium range, real hard hunter, good bird finder, has great style, backs, good retriever, finds lots of birds, a good broke dog.41/2 years old, whistle trained, broke on wild & liberated birdsPrice:$2,750.00













Bobo, male pointer,3yrs old, lots of style, medium to close working, super good nose, finds dead & crippled birds well, can handle his birds really well, whistle trained, broke on wild & liberated birds.Price:$2,750.00



Buddy,male setter, 31/2 yrs old, a beautiful dog, great nose, good bird finder, backs & retrieves good, broke on wild & liberated birds, great on coveys & singles. Price:$3,000.00